Summer Term 2019

Seminar: 3D Vision

Summer Term 2019
2019, Apr 07    


Justus Thies

Teaching Assistants

Armen Avetisyan Aljaz Bozic

Seminar: 3D Vision

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In this course, students will autonomously investigate recent research about 3D Scanning & Motion Capturing. Independent investigation for further reading, critical analysis, and evaluation of the topic is required. Each participant has to give a talk about a paper of the top tier conferences in this field (SIGGRAPH, SIGGRAPH ASIA, CVPR, ICCV, ECCV, …). In addition to the talk we ask for a summary of the paper (minimum 2 pages).

The talks have to cover the following topics:

  • face tracking / reconstruction
  • facial reenactment (audio driven, video driven animation)
  • body tracking / reconstruction
  • hand tracking
  • static / dynamic scene reconstruction
  • scene understanding
  • inverse rendering, material estimation, light estimation

Organization / Requirements

  • Lecture: 3D Scanning & Motion Capturing
  • The participants have to present their topics in a talk (in English), which should last 30 minutes.
  • The semi-final slides (PDF) should be sent one week before the talk; otherwise, the talk will be canceled.
  • A short report (approximately 2-3 pages in the ACM SIGGRAPH TOG format (acmtog)) should be prepared and sent within two weeks after the talk. When you send the report, please send the final slides (PDF) together.