3DV 2021: Tutorial on the Advances in Neural Rendering

2021, Nov 29    
Michael Zollhöfer Ayush Tewari Vincent Sitzmann Gordon Wetzstein Christoph Lassner Lingjie Liu Justus Thies
3DV 2021 - Tutorial on the Advances in Neural Rendering

Neural rendering is a fast evolving field at the intersection of computer graphics and computer vision. In this tutorial, we will talk about the advances in neural rendering, especially the underlying 2D and 3D representations that allow for novel viewpoint synthesis, controllability and editability. Specifically, we will discuss neural rendering methods based on 2D GANs, techniques using 3D Neural Radiance Fields or learnable sphere proxies. Besides methods that handle static content, we will talk about dynamic content as well.

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The tutorial is based on our two state-of-the-art reports: